The Height Of Church Error: The Dark Gift Of Christmas | The Dark Gift Of Christmas By Paul Luckett

Christmas represents the height of church error and consequently the height of iniquity in the world.

To draw unbelievers we incorporated their practices, even to the extent of creating idols and worshipping them.

We’ve created an entire season, so they’d stop worshipping their idols and worship ours -a demon whose name is More, the hellish spawn of greed, lust and discontent. We worship him saying, “More! More! There’s never enough!”

In service to this idol, we lie to our children outright, unwittingly discrediting The Way and impeaching ourselves as witnesses.

We tell our children myths and fairytales (Santa, etc.) to delight and control them and then expect them to believe our fantastical claims of faith. How, they could reason, is one different than the other?

If it were not enough to defile ourselves with idols and teach our children to do the same, we blaspheme and do it in Christ’s name.

But Christ did not come to give us what we want. We did not get to choose what we would get. And, what He offered we didn’t want. In fact, we were so offended at the Gift that we killed it. We seek satisfaction in our idols but instead find anxiety, burden and slavery. But rather than repent, we double down, thinking the answer is More.

But, so great is His love for us, that while we reject Him and make ourselves His enemy that He desires to give us the things that truly make for our peace – Himself. It is in a relationship with a loving, just and all-wise God that we are made whole because that was the purpose for which we were created. And, God sent His Son, Jesus the Christ, to utterly destroy anything that would separate us from Him -foremost our sin. When we believe Jesus, we are given the right to become children of God and look like Jesus; full of love, compassion and life that we share with the world!

This is the true gift. This is the purpose for which Christ came, to save us, transform us and unite us with the Father through Himself.

Repent. Believe Jesus Christ and receive the real gift.

Holy Savior Day