Christian Imposters

Paul Luckett | - Christian Imposters

I know may people and churches claim to be Christian but we do not all serve the same God. Some worship demons and are actually members of the church of Satan.

Test whether you are really in the faith by how well you love.

If you have a hard time sharing space in America, making peace with your neighbors or being able to go and come with different types of believers, you’re going to have a hell of a time when Jesus returns.

As far as I’m aware, there are no subdivisions or suburbs in His Kingdom now or in heaven later.

Believers, as differing parts of the same whole –Christ, are getting it right only when we can move in and between each other’s spaces (in service, in preaching, in teaching, in leadership –in worship) effortlessly, like Jesus walked through walls after His resurrection.

If we’re born again, we can do likewise.

Whatever is between us, preventing the flow of the love of Christ, forsake it, cast it down.

That is what our weapons are for.

We must fight toward each other.

Repent and forgive (both, not just one or the other).

Love by any means necessary.

Love as God loves.

How you love is the proof of what you truly believe.


Fake Good


Among Satan’s most powerful deceptions is fake “good”. I suspect it’s why we do mission trips to Africa instead of San Francisco. The poor think anything’s better than what they have and the rich think they’re good and have need of nothing. But both are deceived (Revelation 3:17). Good is not attaining affluence or material possessions (Mark 10:21, Mark 10:25). Good is right relationships -having a right relationship with God which causes us to have a right relationship with everything else (Mark 12:29-31).

And, a right relationship with God is made possible exclusively through Jesus Christ (Matthew 11:27, 1 John 2:23) . Without Christ, any idea or understanding​ that we have of God is askew which causes us to relate improperly to everything else (family, money, ourselves, etc). So, let us pursue real good which begins with feasting on the life and ministry of Jesus Christ (John 6:53-58). Start here.