Faith Is To Go Before

Paul Luckett | - Faith Is To Go Before

So much of faith is
going in spite of,
in spite of my desire,
in spite of my instinct

My INSTINCT IS to wait on God to provide then GO WHEN the path is clear

When FAITH IS to GO BEFORE the path is clear and watch God provide in the process

Faith is to go in the direction of God’s will before it makes sense

to go before I see it,
to go before I’m ready,
to go before I think I can,
to go before I’ve figured it out,
to go before others understand,
to go when I don’t want to,
to go before I feel like it,
to go before it’s easy,

to go believing God (God’s way is better than my way),
to go seeking His will,
to go forsaking my will (until His will becomes my will),
to go making all I am and all I have available for His purposes,
to go trusting Him to achieve His purposes (with all things, including what I’ve given to Him) –even if I don’t live to see it

Faith is to go, believing God, that He is good, His Way is good and that He wins.

Joy is the evidence of my confidence.