Only Two

Paul Luckett | - Only Two
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Do not be deceived.

There are only two camps.

Everyone is in one or the other:

Those who prefer darkness, or
Those who come to the Light.

Jesus is Light.

(John 3:16-21)

Those who prefer darkness:

love their lives to death,

love the world as it is, its pleasures and its value system,

are proud and believe they are capable of governing their own lives and the world,

prefer the world without the government of God, so that they can do what they please, even if those pleasures are an offense to what is good: God, and is harming themselves, others and the earth.

I know this intimately because this was (and to some degree still is) me.


Those who come to the light (by conviction and drawing of the Holy Spirit):

sense this life isn’t it,

perceive that the world not only does not satisfy but it’s evil,

grieve the death that’s in them and around them,

hunger and thirst for righteousness -no harm to anyone,

desire better, in terms of virtue and government, for themselves, their loved ones and the world,

confess their ignorance, weakness, fallibility and sin,

recognize their need for God and His government,

sees Jesus as God: everything good, and the answer to their need.

And, thanks be to God for His saving grace, this is who I am (increasingly becoming).

Jesus is calling you. How do I know? Because you’re reading this. All that is needed for you to be saved, to move from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of light, to pass from death to life, is to believe Jesus.

Hear Him with a hunger.

Start with John 1:1.


Be saved.

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